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Bolt latest Firmware Release 2.7.1

If you haven't updated to this release, DON'T. Presently, we are debugging a right extruder fan issue. This is the fan at the back of the extruder, not the filament fan,which you have control of through the gcode. Since this fans control is not gcode accessible we believe it must be the latest firmware release that screws this up! We have replaced the fan and that did not solve the issue... Prints start with the fan on, but shortly thereafter it shuts down leaving the right extruder assembly to overheat to the point where the filament looses rigidity and can't be pushed through the nozzle and the print fails. Worst of all this happens 2-3 hrs into the print!
Hi, We have a client who has already update the latest firmware release and already facing the above issues. What solution can we offer to them?

The firmware update has nothing to do with the fans. They are permanently fixed to 24V so they are completely unaffected by the firmware.



We have been facing similar issue of clogging of nozzle from the day we have purchased Bolt. It was advised to us that on up gradation of firmware to this issue will resolved but this is getting worse day by day..
This was not a firmware issue after all.
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