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Creatr 2.0 software, bug in object moving?

I try to move object by changing the position coordinate digits by typing manually: The object doesn't move until the integer in changed, too. I.E. 4.00--> 4.50 doesn't move the object, but 4.90--> 5.00 moves it. I guess there's a bug. Or am I doing or understanding something wrong? Video:

Please note that the Creatr 2.0 is quite a old version and the Creatr 2.1 software was officially released.

Sorry, a typo in version number. The problems concerns version 2.1 (not 2.0).
Mircea, how about the original problem, have you been able to repeat it and what is your conclusion?

I have checked and manually implementing the values does work. Are you sure you installed the official release?

Please note that the Creatr 2.1 version has been released for quite some time now so updating to the newer version may solve your problem.

Mircea, as I commented 10 days ago, the problem concerns version 2.1 (I accidentally wrote "2.0" in the topic).
[I'm sure I posted this message on 14th Dec, but for some reason it doesn't appear hear, so I re-post] Situation update: The problem still exist. More recent video:
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