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Parts sticking

Hello, I've printed several parts with Avery sticker about successfully. I've removed it (too much damaged). So, After cleaning glass, I've tried to print Pla with Dimafix and Hair spray. 2 days of trails... form original Lpfrg pla setting to 230° - 75°. Nothing seems to stick. Head has been set with a normal paper sheet. So, isn't possible to print without this sticker ? What would be correct settings ? (Bed and head temperature, nozzle height technique...) Thanks,

The printing temperature you are using is actually more close to the temperature used to print ABS.

PLA printing requires, 210 degrees fr the hot ends and 40 degrees for the bed. Also make sure that the speed % for the first layer is between 20 to 30% of the default printing speed.

Thanks, Of course, I've began with 210 / 40°, but no sticking (Leapfrog Maxx PLA standard setting) So I've increase slowly temperatures of bed, before, then of extruder.
Interesting, but bed "horizontality" seems not to be my problem. Perhaps the height of the nozzle ??? I've set it with one paper sheet... the tried with 2 ones
Ok, that"s exactly what I've done, several times. Normal paper, 2 sheets, with warm and hot bed... Absolutely not stick, even with Dimafix @ 75°. Same Lpfrg Pla as the beginning.
Just received a Cretr HS. There was one Avery Sheet sticker in the startup supplies. It has a J8567 Part number on it but I could not locate this on averies website. Anyway, so I am to use a glue stick and apply the print sticker to the print bed with the adhesive side up? OK. I should calibrate the nozzle height with a print sticker on the bed then.

The adhesive side of the sticker is for the glass bed not for the printed model:

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