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Bed leveling

Hello people, Has anybody had problems leveling the bed properly? It just seems like my bed is curved. The far ends of the bed are always further away from the nozzle than the middle, no matter what I try. It severely limits me in printing larger objects with different plastics than PLA. Regards, Marcel
Same problem here with a Xeed. Mircea, we already were in contact via a support ticket. I already tried the following steps: 1) unscrew the 6 screws with the bearings and let the platform rest for two days 2) Reassembled everything, set a new z-offset and leveled the bed 3) downloaded the bed level test (spiral) and printed it I have no good pictures from the test print, but it clearly shows that the bed is somewhat domed, because the inner part of the spiral shows almost no layer height, which comes from squeezing the warm material between nozzle and bed. The Rectangle and outer parts of the spiral look fine. Is there anything that can be done to get rid of this problem? Greetings, Tobias
Same problem here with a new Bolt. I used a set of digital callipers to measure 9 points across the print bed (which is huge - 37cm x 47cm). All four corners I got within 0.02mm, but the centre of the bed was higher by 0.5mm. This resulted in the outside of the bed not being printed on at all if levelled to the centre, or the nozzle hitting the print bed if levelled for the outside edges. LeapFrog support was excellent as always. They sent me a test print (the spiral) and asked to see some photos of the results which I did. They agreed that the bed was warped and are sending me a replacement print bed. Fingers crossed. On a slight side-point I don't know why everyone still uses 4 point bed levelling. It takes 3 points to define a plane, and anything more than this is likely to be causing distortion and possible warping over time. The Bolt seems to have a hole in the correct place to make it three point levelling, so I've actually converted mine from 4 point to 3 point. 2 points at the front and 1 centre at the back. To be fair 3 point levelling is a little more tricky to get right, but once you've got your head around it, it's definitely better. The first thing I printed was a bracket to fit to the X-axis rods which holds a digital pressure gauge which I can easily slide to any point on the bed and get accurate readings. I'm sure the 'paper' trick is perfectly adequate for 3D printing given the tolerances, but being slightly OCD at the best of times I can't help put prefer to see an actual read-out. If anybody's interested in this bracket for the bolt I'd be happy to share. :-)
PS. Any chance the forum could be updated to allow carriage returns. ;-)
Hi Sean, I'm having similar issues with a Bolt. Any chance you could post a link to the bracket you designed for the X-axis rod? Leapfrog assure me that the bed is within tolerance - in fact its impossible for one to get through quality control out of tolerance - but I'm really not so sure. Have they replaced your bed yet? Cheers Ben
Hi Ben, I was told the same about QC, and not being able to get bad beds through, but I've just been sent out my 2nd replacement bed (should arrive tomorrow). Will post whether this one is any better. Can't fault support though from my side, they've been very quick to reply and thorough. I'll send you the STL tomorrow or over the weekend as I'm on a course at present. The bracket with the calliper makes measuring points around the bed accurate to 0.01mm, so hard to argue with. I did try rotating the Y rails by 90 and then 180 degrees, just in case they sagged in the middle but it made no difference, so can only be the bed. Cheers, Sean.
Thanks for the reply Sean. Really appreciate it. Will look out for the STL, and will be interested to know if your new bed improves things. Thanks Ben
Hi Sean, Just wondering if you had any joy with the new bed?
Not yet. Been a busy week so probably won't have time to have a proper play until Monday. I'm waiting to get something printed, so I need to get on with it!! Back to you once it's been levelled and measured. Did you get the STL? I tried to post it on here, but looks like they might have blocked it.
Hi Sean, No I didn't get the STL. Doesn't look like it made it on to here.
Sean, do you think you could put the file on dropbox or something so I could have a look? Thanks in advance. Ben
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