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Ability to mount spools outside of printer

For future models please pre-drill two holes on each side allowing larger spools as with the current design on both Creatr and Creatr HS the spools are nudging each other and worse on larger prints if You run out of filament when the bed is below spool hight clearance it is not possible to exchange spools (they can't be moved out because of clearance problems - don't ask me how I know).

 I designed a printed bracket for my dual.

It's on Thingiverse:

Sadly the design of both the Creatr and the Creatr HS has been locked and will not be changed but this has been taken into account when the design of the new Leapfrog Bolt printer was made.

@Robert Eaton - Thanks this really works and prints beautifully. Will send some pictures over thingiverse once I get everything mounted and start printing. This really solved a huge problem for me.

Great work - again thanks.

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