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bed takes hours to reach printing temperature

 Hi, I bought the cover so the bed of my HS would heat up quicker. But I mostly print ABS, and to heat up to 80C takes hours. HOURS! Oh, I could try with less than 80C, but really I'd prefer around 100C to get good adhesion. Do you see the bed temp graph on the picture? there is no temp increase in 30minutes.

HS stand for High speed? is this a joke?

Leapfrog, There are plenty of people on the forum experiencing this issue, time to do something about it.

best regards, Maarten

bed temp.jpg
(128 KB)

Did you open a support ticket?

Have you had a look at the solution knowledge base to be more exact the following link:

Why is My Bed Not Reaching the Set Temperature Value?

Also please note that the recommended max temperature for the HS bed is 80 degrees. Going over this limit can lead to the the bed not working within its normal limits. The bed will not reach the target temperature, or it will take a long time to reach the target temperature.

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