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Maximum heat


just a question:

what is the maximum heat possible of the heated bed? I cannot get above 74°C even after 1 hr heating. I think it went higher before..? something wrong?

Also the extruders: at 270°C the system shuts down and makes an error, so I guess this is some safety setting somewhere.

since some filaments require 270 or even a bit more these are out of the question.

The hot ends can go up to 275 degrees, once this limit is passed the firmware will shut down the printer. The reason the firmware shuts down the printer when you try to heat up the hot ends is beacuse the hot ends will overshoot the 270 degree limit and then begin to stabilise so realistically I would say the limit might be around 265 degrees.

Also make sure you have the latest firmware version as this can help with the temperature stabilisation.

The bed can go up to 90 degrees, depending on what printer you have please follow one of the links bellow:

HS - Why is My Bed Not Reaching the Set Temperature Value?

Creatr - My Bed is Not Reaching the Set Temperature on my Leapfrog Creatr 3D Printer?

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