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Pausing print

When pausing in the middle of a print for a jam or change filament color after purging the filament through the nozzle when you resume printing the software retracts the filament by the same amount that you have extruded it by. This is great for say returning the z height back to the pre-paused height to resume printing but is a pain when the filament gets retracted as well as this leads to an air print. Anybody else have the same problem? Using simplify 3d 3.0.2

Are you using the latest software and firmware available for the Creatr HS printer?

1. Update CreatrHS Stand-Alone software

2. Flash new firmware on the CreatrHS

3. Set extruder offset for your CreatrHS (M50)

Please install the latest software and firmware in this order and see if the issue is still present.

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