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Materialise settings explanations


I'm wondering if there are some explanations somewhere on the web to help me explore Materialise settings.

Materialise Creatr manual don'r realy help me to understand build strategy options particularly.

Raft, skirt...

There are a lot of options I would like to explore in profile editor but have no idea on what they are supposed to do.

The Materialise Creatr manual said "TIP: For full description of all the available options in the profile editor, please revert to the Materialise Creatr Manual".

Any links would help me.


I would suggest following the link below and in the bottom of the page there are a few instructional videos regarding the Materialise software:

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User Manual

Simplify 3D
Creater by Materialise

Quick Start Guide

Filament Setting Guide

Demo Print Downloads

Drivers Downloads

Software Downloads

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Software Video Library