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Creatr Conversion Kit (instructions) for filament stepper motors.

Is there a conversion kit or are there instructions available on how to modify the Leapfrog Creatr concerning the stepper motors driving the filament.

Meaning moving the heavy stepper motors away from the print head section towards the back of the printer like in the Creatr HS ?

We produce a lot of prints with small details like small holes in which the print head violantly moves because of the heavy stepper motors mounted ontop of the print head, even if the print speed is relatively low.

Is it possible that the stepper motors are being moved towards the back of the printer like in the Creatr HS.
I think this will improve the print quality a lot.

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Sadly there is no such kit developed by Leapfron in order to alter the Creatr to that extent. The Creatr HS and the Creatr are two very different printers.

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