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Z stepper stops randomly

My Z stepper stops randomly during a print as well as when I home it. Some times it will home and other times it stops at different points while it is homing. I have had many problems with this machine. when it prints it is great. but it has been down more than up working. I have not long ago replaced the Mother board and had just started to print again when the short USB cable inside failed. 

Fixed that and now this. I am now just out of warranty and this is now happening. Is there a way to check if it is the motherboard that I just replaced or the Z stepper? I am hoping that it is the Z stepper as it is not as expensive as the motherboard.

The most likely culprit is the cable / connectors to the z stepper. Look closely for a loose or broken wire.


I have checked the wires, All are OK . But I have went through and found that when I am moving it up and down with software it will  catch at about the same area every time and as I move it more it catch's more often so I think there is a dead spot forming in that area of the decoder on the stepper. Which means I need to replace the Z stepper motor.

What type of stepper is the Z stepper on the Leapfrog Creatr?

Dear Michael Moore ,

The Creatr printer uses a Nema 17 stepper motor for the Z movement. I would also suggest checking the grub screws on the spindle pulleys and make sure they are tight and that the stepper motor does not spin freely;

Also you could invert the X motor and the Z motor connectors on the motherboard and see if the X stepper motor will present the same problems when connected in place of the Z motor. If it does then the root cause is the driver on the board.

If not indeed the root cause might be the Z motor and the wire harness.

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