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Fillament change stand-alone


I've tried to change the fillament in the stand-alone.

On the display I tried to get the fillament change icon, pushed it. Selected wich fillament needs to change and push the button again.

Even after 20 mins, nothing hapend. So I tried again, and again, with the other extrusion, .... nothing.

anyone else who has this problem?



Dear Joris,

I want to clarify your question a bit more.

You are trying to remove the filament from the HS in stand alone mode and you want to use the retract option to remove the filament. Correct?

My question is if you made sure to preheat the hot ends as if you do not do this then the drive units will not be enabled. THe hot ends have to reach a temperature higher than 150 degress otherwise the firmware will not enable the drive unit motors.

Let me know what you do exactly when trying to replace the filament.

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