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Chewing up models

Hi all,

I'm having difficulty with my prints all of a sudden.  the prints are chewing up, and causing small filament fibers on the model and through out the workspace.  I send all models through Meshmixer and NetFab before using Simplify 3D to print. Setting are:


Nozzle Dia: .35

Extrusion Multiplier: .90

Extrusion Width: .40

Retraction Distance: 4.20

Extra Restart Distance: -.40

Retraction Vertical Lift: .00

Coasting Distance: .80

Primary layer height: .1000

Top Solid Layers: 5

Bottom Solid Layers: 5

Outer Perimeter Shells: 3

Outline Direction: Inside Out

First Layer height: 50%

First Layer Width: 100%

First Layer Speed: 25%

use Random Start Points

Include skirt/birm: layers 2, offset 8mm, outlines 5

Interior infill: 40%

outline overlap 20%

Infill extrusion width:200%

Temp: 190

no heated bed

printing on blue tape with alcohol rub

fan speed for layer 1: 0, for layer 2: 100

Photo attached.  any help would be appreciated.

Different filament than you normally use (or a new roll)?
I would suggest a higher extruder temperature. I've gone as high as 210 with some PLA.


Thanks Robert, it is a new filament, but I had the same problem at the end of the roll of my usual filament. I'll definitely try a higher temperature and see what that gets me and repost the results.  thanks.


It looks like I had two issues.  The first was under extrusion: Why do my prints look like they are under extruded? How do I fix it? and this was fixed by both raising my extrusion temperature and slowing down my printing speed.  The other problem I had was that I had accidentally unheated my second extruder which was snagging some areas of the print and pulling it along.  I've recalibrated my extruder heights and made sure that both extruders are turned on when printing even with only 1 extruder printing.  It looks like this solved the majority of the issues.  Thanks to Robert and Leapfrog Support Center for helping out.

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