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Creatr HS: Badly designed 'hot end block using set screw to hold thermistor has insufficient material to allow tightening without damage.

Has anyone else had issues with this yet as my printer is no longer operational since the thermistor will not stay in position.

For reference - I have raise a very very long ticket to Leapfrog Technical Support about this issue and made a recommendation that the wall thickness be increased to at least 4.5mm and use a 5mm long set screw.

In summary (without getting into serious detail) it says that there are basic design rules that state that there is a specific thread depth a given a specific diameter, set screw in this case ∅3mm, the thread depth is typically (a general guideline) is 4.5mm of thread. 

On the / my Creatr HS there is only 1.6mm of thread depth.  The issue was found after removing the hot end to clear a seriously blocked nozzle.   Upon replacing the thermistor and tightening it found that the thread stripped with virtually no tightening force.

Has anyone else encountered issues like this in their Creatr HS or other printer (I hope you will not have this same experience)?

Looking forward to reading feedback of any similar experiences

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