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PID tuning.Creatr HS

When downloaded, PID tuning file appears as a *.stl file on the computer, but then copied on flash drive and put into Creatr HS cannot be found by the printer. 

Just change the extension from stl to gcode and should work.

Dear Valerii Demianchuk,

In regards to your PID question at this point I would suggest you do a full software and firmware update for your HS printer. You can find the links explaining how to do this below:

1. Update CreatrHS Stand-Alone software

2. Flash new firmware on the CreatrHS

Once the software and firmware are done you need to remember to input the offsets for the hot ends:

3. Set extruder offset for your CreatrHS (M50)

Let me know if this improves the quality of your prints.

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