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Filament jams in gear

Hello guys !!! I wanted to ask if you have ever avuyo this problem? 90% of the time I can not finish printing. Use filaments colorfabb (pla) ... and each time the thread jams and printing stops.

Also, I do not know if it is normal, but as seen in imag0731 know the temperature of the metal roof is very high,

Tips? Solutions?

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The temperature of the roof is normal I guess since the electric motors are getting very hot of going back and forth.

The filament jamming there is because of temperature instabilities of the nozzle. At some point the temperature of the nozzle reaches a temperature which is below the melting temperature of the PLA. The motor does not notice this and keeps pushing, hence the knot in your extruder gears. I can only print without jams when I set the temperature at 225 degrees. I guess you should contact the customer service. They will say to update your PID controller or the firmware of your printer but in my case the update of the PID controller did not help and I did not manage to update the firmware as it got stuck during uploading each time.



I updated the PID and the temperature increased to 220 but the problem recurred. I can not make prints more than 2 hours long. other tips?

yes increase the temperature more, to 225 degrees. But this is not a real solution to the problem. Today I tried updating my firmware as the costomer service said and succeeded this time. Nothing changed. Temperature is still unstable.


Ok, as the PID tune obviously did not work and the firmware update neither, I deceided to tune the PID controller manually (look for info on manually tuning here: I figured out increasing the D decreased oscillation. I used the PID autotuning as a start off (with fan on and while feeding plastic through nozzle) and then started to increase D. I ended up with putting these two commands in the communication window:
M301 P7.87 I0.22 D120
Now my oscillations are gone. Hope it works for you as well. Let me know your conclusion.


I tried to change the PID parameters manually now ( for info on manually tuning). When I increased the D substantially, my temperature got way more stable when the printer was connected to my laptop without printing. I put M303 P7.82 I0.22 D120 and then M500. However, I started printing now and it seems like it still kind of oscillates. I will let you know whether my print succeeded (it is a 6 hour print).

If you try this as well, let me know your conclusion.


I am trying to manually tune my PID controller. It seems like increasing the D helps a lot in decreasing oscillations. Starting from the PID autotune and then increasing the D I found a quite stable solution at P7.68 I0.22 D120. Although it seemed it started oscillating a bit again when i started printing, at least it is better than it was. I will try to further improve it after the weekend. Try it as well and let me know your conclusions.

We got similar problems.
It seems the gear is also getting too hot, and filament is jamming inside gear instead of getting out the nozzle.
We put a fan behind the printer, to cool down the metal roof. Making this, the motor ans also the gear is getting much lower temperature.


It seems quite plausible. Also the way it is tangled in a very tight way could explain this. However, this does not explain to me why printing with a higher temperature of 225 works for me. Let me know if it solves your jams.

Maybe with higher temperature it flows as easily trough nozzle that extruder needs much less force.
For me, cooling down the metal roof avoided this jams.
But now I got other problems:
While the head is on right side, fan stops.
While it is on the left side, left extruder stops heating
So it seems I have problems within the upper cable duct.


OK. I placed a fan on the roof as well just after it jammed for the second time today. I made no further changes so lets see whether this solves the problem.

Yes it seems like you have a wire connection problem. I had a similar problem to that. Look at your main board and see whether all the screws that should hold the cables are tight. (although i do think you are right with the problem being in one of the moving cables)


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