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Auto Bed Levelling / Auto Tram/Tramming Correction

Hi All,

While this is not necessarily always a 'big' problem for me it is something that I'd rather not have to do.

That is levelling the bed.....

Has anyone (Leapfrog included) a solution to this, meaning a method to retrofit some peripheral to automatically level the bed?

I know this has been moded to resolve this issue for other printer so what about the Leapfrog Creatr HS?

I believe it is available on the Leapfrog Xeed printer but at another 5K Euro I think is not (for me speaking personally) value for money giving that I can see the technology to implement this is not so sophisticated and have seen several articles showing how this is done for other printers.

Does anyone have experience or more ideas on this?

I do suspect that if this were done to your printer without direct instruction you may well void any warranty so check first...

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

Kind regards


The new software update for the Creatr HS has a display option that makes leveling the bed a bit easier, however it is not yet fully automatic. If you haven't downloaded the new display software update for the Creatr HS, check out: Latest updates for Creatr HS

Hi Aaron,

Would you please fix the link, I get this error msg when using it?




My apologizes, David. Hmm.... I seem to be able to open it (viewing it from Customer view, and not our Technical Support view). The page may have been down for maintenance when you tried it.

If it's still not coming up for you, it maybe possible that you can access it the long way by going to Our website home page -, clicking on the support tab at the top, and choosing "Customer Support Center." Then you can search for the solution entitled "Latest updates for Creatr HS."

However, if it's the 2.1.1 software update that you're looking for, I've attached it to my post to save you the trouble. - Sorry for the inconvenience.



And of course the moment I hit send on my previous post, our tech team receives a memo about this same topic asking us to get the word out to all our clients about the update. 

Please read this blog update from one of our software programmers: Blog: Stand Alone Software and Firmware Updates

After, updating the Stand-Alone Software and the Firmware, please note that under-extrusion might start occuring in your PLA prints unless you adjust your Extrusion Multiplyer Setting in Simplify 3D's print settings to a value of 1 (if it's not already set).

Many thanks!

-Aaron C. - Leapfrog Technical Support Team

Hi Aaron,

Many thanks for the link to the interesting article and detailed description on how to perform this update. This is of great interest to me and many other Leapfrog user I expect.

However sadly (and I have posted yet another ticket to Leapfrog Tech Support) that for some unknown reason my printer will not recognise the .HEX file format but only looks for a .gcode or .JAR file...... REALLY REALLY annoying and frustrating as I've never been able to get my printer to perform reliably :-( so I am no longer and far from being a happy customer anymore :-(

But many thanks for the effort and support to try and resolve my problem.



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