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Creatr HS - Below Average Performance

What a disappointment !!

After spending over 3000 Euros on the printer and filaments.

After two days of average printing, the Leapfrog Creatr HS is not extruding material while printing in spite the fact that Loading and unloading of the filament works.

Even the first prints I made before this problem were not printing anymore.

The hot ends head moves but nothing is coming out!

Sometimes the filament piles up behind the bearing of the feeder motor and it takes a lot of effort to get it out.

Has any one had similar problems?

I doubt that any body from Leapfrog will respond to this.

Two days ago I sent an email to sales with several grievances and until now there is no response from the technical / support department.

This sounds like a classic "retract" setting issue.  If you are able lto load and unload filament successfully then it's likely that your retract value is up in the 3-4mm area which is having the effect of pulling the filament too far out of the melt area where the heater block clamps on.  What is happening is the molten plastic is cooling during the retract movement and then sticking in the feed tube.  Get some fresh filament into the extruder and make sure it's flowing properly.  then go into your slicer and check the retract value.  If you're using Cura, it will be set to 4.5mm as a default which works fine for a bowden tube setup but not a direct drive like the Creatr.

Hope this helps.


  Mr. Hossam, I reply to your ticket. Please check the answer and the solutions I gave you and let me know how if it works!

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