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Improvements on the Creatr ?


Hi Leapfrog.

I bought a Creatr a few month back. My impression of the Creatr is that the design is the best on the market, It is more or less designed exactly as I would had don my self..... except for a few things that I'd like to share.

1. Z-homing sensor is extremely accurate and precise. The sensor has the same precision as the micro-stepps in the stepper motor. but the sensor measuring the position of the most flexible part of the hole machine, making it impossible to calibrate the bed hight and not loosing your temper.
I moved the sensor to "the best position" , right-front corner. Now there is no problem adjusting the whole surface +- 0.02mm in a few seconds.. well. not that few maybe ;-)

2. The bed heater works really god on this machine if it is attached properly. in my machine the heater was glued very nicely along the edges an a large "blob" of glue around the temp-sensor, plus a few dots of glue here and there . It took app. one hour to heat it to 90 deg. and then it was only hot a bow the "blob" (less then 50 deg in some areas ).
I cut the heater of the glass and glued the whole surface. now 20 deg to 100 deg takes less then 20 min, and the whole printing area is within +-5 deg.

3: The cable to the X-stepper have ruined one print for me, and gets jammed when X homes before Y. from large Y position. I put a clip on the Y gejder
for the cable and led it straight down to the "electronic box" instead of going back to the right Y-stepper and then down. Works fine and locks better.

4. I changed the firmware to prevent the extruder stepper hitting the left Y-stepper (especially when the cable-chain goes in between).

Other stuff I changed or will change or would appreciate on the machine.

5. Why not use the whole printing area 270 X 350 mm? Works fine on my machine, however there is no margins to do this. It looks like it was meant to be this large in the design but reduced some were along the way?

6. Put the cable-chain along the x_axis only and then from X-motor straight down to electronics.

7. Take away the part of the alumina in front of the fans ( stopping the annoying whining sound).

8. If I needed a cooling fan to cool the print object it would be nice to have the cables there from the beginning. it is rely tough to put in the cables in the cable-chain afterwords. The electronics has the output for the fan and its easy to fit a fan for cooling, pretty annoying to have a loose cable for it.

9. Optional door and cover, + sound absorbers. I would pay 150-250€ extra for this especially if it includes a temp sensor in the top of the machine and a controlled vent fan .

10. The momentum of the motors is not uniform , the micro steps generating vibrations. (noise and patterns in the print).

11. Bed hight adjusting screws quit tough to work with as it is. I used some "wing nuts" for locking and adjusting the bed without tools. And the locking nut has to be on top of the Al frame ( hight of bed not affected3305 when locked).



How did you go about changing the firmware ? 

At the bottom of motion_control.cpp there some thing like:  if ( new_X >max_x) new_X =max_x;
Its easy to fix if you know exactly how it works, One typo and you brake the machine = "don't try this at home"
limitations is hopefully implemented in newer FW. ( my changes only works in my machine = no copy and paste)
Sorry I cant help you /Anders


No worries. Thanks.
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