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Disappointing printer and support quality

 To whom it may concern,

over the past 4 months we have been struggling with Leapfrog and the Creatr HS. It took Leapfrog 3 1/2 months only to acknowledge that our Creatr HS has indeed a mechanical failure and supply us with an exchange printer.

This printer was printing extraordinary, for one week.

After that without any warning it stopped in the middle of a print, losing the connection to the computer. A new print lead to the printer moving into the glass bed since the z-axis end switch was not detected. This caused the switch to bend and the nozzles to break (the tip got pushed inside). After purchasing two new nozzles I cannot get the nozzles to be tight. There was no documentation or tips on how to mount the nozzles led alone how much torque is necessary or if additional sealing liquid is necessary.

After 4 months my conclusion to Leapfrog and the printer is that the concept is good but there are many many parts of the printer who needs to be redesigned. As well the support from Leapfrog is more than frustrating and unhelpful. I cannot count how many e-mails I wrote to get a solution, help or even an answer!.

We were planning to use this printer commercially in our company and after the replacement we had promising results. But at this point with the troubles starting all over again with a new printer we do not see a future neither for the printer nor for Leapfrog products in our company.

Attached you see a good result of the quality you get for about 2500€ when purchasing a Creatr HS. The fan nozzle has been melted already when we received the printer. And the nozzle itself looks like Leapfrog does not even have their own printer under control.

Kind regards


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