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Printer Dead and incompetent thechnical support

I opened my 3d printing society 5 weeks ago. I bought two creatr HS and less than one week after starting using the first one, impossible to switch on the printer. Blue lights switched on but anything else. Impossible to do anything even when it was plugged on the computer so I called the technical support on 28th of april. Results: mobo dead. They told me they change the printer but one month later, still nothing. Many mail exchange have been done and finally on thursday they send me an email informing me the printer was on its way to be shipped. The usual time to ship after ordering is ONE business day, today (sunday) the printer is still not shipped. Between those two dates, the second creatr dead also (heating bed jumped up and forced axes and created other problems), call them back explaining them the new problem and trying to have news about shipping of the first one, they answered me that it was my fault for the second one, I shouldn't move the heating bed during the printing... WHAT???? I haven't touched anything, even wasn't near the printer, was on the phone when the heating bed became foolish..... And for the first one? The answer was clear: we don't know, one day it will be shipped...

 I have orders from my clients and because of their incompetence, I lost them. I can't stay one more month like that. Will it be they who will pay me? will it be they who will pay my society's fees? 

It's unacceptable!!! Friends of mine asked me few days ago if I would recommend Leapfrog, for sur not... 

Could I have explanations about that big problem? What will you do for me? 

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