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printer explosed in my house

last week I received a HS creator printer and I plugged into the AC220 supply plug. Unfortunately the printer explosed and a loud plop sound and a lot of smoke come out from the printer when I switch on the printer. This also trigger my mccb in my house and all electricity cut off immediately for safety . The leapfrog technical support told me that the voltage selector may be mistakely switched to AC110v position and cause this problem. They even asked me to open the panel and repair the printer without sent back the printer. I think this is very unreasonable to repair the printer myself as I am not the qualified person to repair the printer. Anyone have the same experience before? 

I'm really sorry for your problem, I don't have the same one but also big problems with technical support. Bought 2 printers 5 weeks ago, first dead after less than one week, still waiting for the exchange (and no idea when it will finally be shipped) and 2nd one also dead and as you, for them, it's my fault (the heating bed jumped while printing but for them, I did it and killed my printer just for pleasure...) 

Hope you'll have a happy end with your problem.

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