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how to choose what extruder for printing


someone can tell me how to choose which extruder will work? for example, in my machine are in extruder 1 -> ABSred, extruder2 -> ABSblack. when i star a printing, the extruder 1 is choose by default, but now i want my printing in  ABS black. i don't know how to choose the extruder 2.

please someone help me.

  When you make the Gcode you need to set from the Layer tab and Infill tab what exturder  you want to use. I attached pictures to see.

   Happy printing! 

(154 KB)

if the complete part is all black you can edit the setting and go into advanced setting and change all extruder settings to left or right. and also change the temperatures ( 0 = off) 

if you want to mix colors you need to make 2 separate 3D files and place them together and select 2 separate material settings at the same time to slice.

the temperature is the most important, if left =0 it is off. 

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