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strange pattern and wide horizontal bumps


I bought my leapfrog roughly a year ago and had been content with it until recently. Horizontal ribs (4-5mm wide, fraction of a mm high, almost like waves) started appearing on the prints, many times ruining the results if I couldn't grind or sand them away.
The example below was generated in Cura with the following settings:

M201 X1000 Y1000 Z50 E250
M204 S2000.00 T2000.00
M205 S0.00 T0.00 B20000 X15.00 Z0.40 E15.00

-Everything else is factory default, if my memory serves me well. Has anybody experienced anything like this? Read through quite a few forum topics all over the net but couldn't find a proper solution.

Thanks in advance!

(56 KB)
(75.3 KB)

Try using randomized starting points, if your slicer has that option. 

This is just a pattern caused by the extruder. 

I tried that yesterday. The vertical rib (as the layer changes) disappeared, but the main problem remained the same. Out of curiosity, I printed a pipe and these horizontal ribs formed a perfect spiral... Flat, barely noticable when lit perpendicularly to the surface, but as the light source becomes close to tangential, it appears immediately. 

Hmm I remember there being a setting called spiralize which continues the same extrusion width straight up but is only used for hollow objects. 

Try reducing the extrusion multiplier because, on the corners, there is a noticeable over-extrusion. As well, if you're printing with PLA, make sure your fan is working.

Thanks, already tried that. :( Just made the pattern even more visible and the part fragile.


I usually dont go below 0.9 on the multiplier, a small change matters. 

Other things you can try: 

-Different manufacturer of filament (make sure its the diameter) 

I once had a filament that was hollow and didnt notice and this made blotchy prints. 

Bad quality filaments can vary in diameter as well.

-Changing the Steps per E of the extruder. 

This is basically adjusting how much the extruder turns.


Thanks! The latter seems promising.


The pattern that you are seeing I think is an XY resonance, run the appropriate file below. As to the cause you could have changed the platform the printer is sitting on, an x or y motor is not running as smoothly at the speed you are running. There are also inputs in some hosts to specify a resonance for your machine and compensate for it when generating the g code. It is not something I have played with in depth but it might be useful for you.

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