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strange banding? on second layer Help...


Getting this strange apparently random banding on my second and subsequent layers.  First layer is fine but then I get this.

Using fresh PLA from leapfrg and their recommended settings 220C.

Any ideas?

I thought maybe the tension on the etxruder but made it real loose and no help.  It was so tight from the factory that it actually deformed the filament (deep teeth marks) and made it hard to go through the Teflon tube.  I loosened it quite a bit and seems to feed fine.

I did the PID temperature fix and temps seem OK too.

frustrating.... among other things like the warped glass bed....


(386 KB)

Thant happens from either the bed temperature being too low or the distance between the nozzles and the bed is too high. Also, I would recommend printing PLA at 210 C and the bed at 50-60C.

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