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infill struggle


We are using simplify3D. Printing the infill becomes a mess. The infill lines don't stick to the underlying level well enough. See picture.

ABS, bed 80 degrees, nozzle 230 degrees, infill speed 50%.

Fiddling with the 23000 parameters doesn't seem to improve much.

Problem has two aspects; de thin lines don't stick to the layer, but the nozzle also runs through the lines in the other direction it just made, because they are in one plane. This seems to be a conceptual flaw of the pattern in Simplify3D; I wish we could choose from patterns that don't collide, like Slicr3. The problem appears more to the middel of our object. With smaller objects no problem.

Is there a known solution?

My thoughts;

Slower speed infill?

Walls infill bigger, but how?

Is the nozzle to close to the bed?




Slower may help.

I would try increasing the temperature. On my dual (which is slower than an HS) I'm running my ABS at 240C. It can vary depending on the filament.

How about bed leveling ? 

Fan turned on for the first layers?

@Robert: Tnx, We will try this.

@Jens: Tnx, bed levels seem ok. Printing the edge of the perimeter goes well. Have to check the fan, we are using the latest machine specific files from LF.

I Had similar problem as you had and it was related in some extent to bed leveling. 

The corners are ok, but at the center of the bed the hotness was closer to the bed. As far as I know some of the guys here has discussed bent X/Y axis. I don't know if this what is the problem on your printer ? 

The leveling on these printers are quite sensitive. I drilled out the threads in the bed on my printer, works a hole lot better with just the lock nut holding it in place, a bit fiddlier to adjust, but once it is level, one barely have to check it. have done 15-20 print without leveling, compare to leveling for each individual print. 

It looks like the first layer is attached to the bed quite well so the bed should be level.
Since it looks like the issue is bonding of the infill to the layers below I'm going to stick with trying a higher temperature.
It seems like cooling would only make things worse in this case. I've never had any luck with using any cooling with ABS. For me it always causes layer bonding problems. But that's me, and I don't have an HS. (I have a Dual with my own nozzle cooling system.)


Much better now; bed temp 85, nozzle temp 250, infill width 300%, speed 7000.

O, and infill 35%, very important for making a slab at a certain hight.

Here and there a bit rough, and also some burn spots.

But I got the printer going till the end. The product was bend a bit, it made the sticker come off the bed a bit.

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