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Order Status, Tracking & Customer Feedback needing alot of improvement!

Leapfrog & The User Community,

Am I the only one who has experienced and / or is experiencing an issue here?

I would hope that someone would tell that this is all just a mix up and the answers to all my concerns can be easily found; if so pls advise?

The whole ordering system with respect to status, tracking and feedback is, from many decades of experience with companies globally, lacking and very poor - leading to (this) customer dissatisfaction.

For example, my printer was ordered Oct 2014 and delivered and the end of Jan 2015 (nearly 3 months) - however the My Dashboard, Recent Orders STILL shows the printer status as PENDING, seriously what is that about?

Actually every item is pending, ref attached screenshot??

A recent order placed for additional filament was never received and I (the customer) was never contacted to inform me that the item was out-of-stock on 3 out of the 4 items selected.

Strong/Urgent Recommendation: 

1. Provide a clearer, faster feedback mechanism

--Rectify / update the 'Recent Orders' to allow feedback on orders.

-- Revise company policy/practise to inform customers when an item is out-of-stock and offer options / solutions.

2. Fix the clearly out-of-date PENDING statuses on orders in a timely manner.

3. Provide tracking details to customers so they can following the item directly.

Final comment:

When the customer perceives they are not treated as a customer and has to track down his own orders, chase people because of a system that does not work or is not being used correctly - diminishes and leads to customers dissatisfaction.

Customer focus (in my industry as a Self Employed Consultant Engineer) has a critical priority for good reason if you lose your customers support is adversely affects you business, surely this is a cause for concern!!

I for one would like to hear of others experiences that are like mine and what has been done to correct the issues, how quickly was it achieved?

I can only hope that my concerns are taking seriously and acted upon.


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Hi David!

Here is my story.

I had my order lodged aprox a month ago, paid in next day and submit ticket asking if they can confirm if the money received etc. On the 10th of Feb I got email stating that they got the payment and estimating delivery was in 2 weeks. Then in 2 weeks I got another email, saying - Unfortunately, we experienced issues with one of our hardware suppliers. Due to an unreported and unannounced change they made, our software is currently not compatible with this hardware.


So far, there is no news from them on my order. Also, then log into web portal on LPFRG, the order status is Pending, and I think you there right saying that is different to usual online buy and sell services.

Or people here constantly busy with getting the business going, or there was a wrong turn taken on the marketing field.

Im a car mechanic, and buying the 3d printer is just a way to bring more services to the clients, however, the delay does not affect my everyday job, just feel uncomfortable but its normal then you expect something that is supposed to brake the everyday routine. The main thing for me - is that the product this company is supplying comes to me in fully acceptable working order.

And now, since I cant help anyhow, Im going waiting for the time Z

Thanks for sharing your experience

Good luck

I am wondering (and I am sure others reading this forum are to) if Leapfrog will respond and give their customers a informative reply?



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