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Extruder temperature varies alot

 Hello everyone,

i currently have some issues with my Creatr HS, because the temperature of the extruder varies very much.

E.g. i have set the temperature to 245°C in Simplify3d then the nozzle has an actual temperature of 220-238°C during the print, i have checked the complete heat block and replaced it (every part). the heat cartridge is perfectly aligned and the heat sensor is screwed in to the end.

Does anyone else have (or had) this issue and how did you solve it ? I think that it's a firmware issue. That might also be the reason, why the printer takes longer then it should to get the extruder to heat up.

Refering to the given example the extruder heats up to ~255°C, falls down to 220°C and makes two more of those "swings" before it stabilizes at ~242°C.

I think that the software just doesnt check the temperature often enough so that it can drop very low between those temperature-checks.

Maybe i just oversee a checkbox in Simplify3d or something like that so please be so kind and send me your print settings for the "temperature"-header in advanced settings from simplify for me to compare them.

I'm thankfull vor every response.

Marius Breuer

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I had the same issue on a creatr HS. Doing THIS  solves it, works much better now.

Hi Marc,

i have updated the Creatr HS Firmware, the printer keeps the temperature alot better now, thanks.


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