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Preheat bed temperature

The heated bed of the CreatrHS takes a really long time to heat up. This could sort of be mitigated if the bed could be preheated to a fairly high temperature. Right now it is preheated to 40 degrees C which is not good enough because I print PLA at a bed temperature of 60 and ABS at a bed temperature of 95. So after everything has been preheated it takes another 10 minutes to further heat up the bed. Is there any way to change the preheat temperature standards? This should be fairly easy to fix using a firmware upgrade.

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For PLA us the setting is 45 ° which works very well, but for the ABS, you have to be 90 ° while it is default to 80 °

For ABS I have found it matters what you are using as your print surface has a lot of bearing... If you are using the MAXX Perfect Print Surfaces (stickers) then you should get good adhesion at 80 degrees C but I do know a lot of people that believe in that high temperature like Solutions-Concept suggested... If you are using other materials as your print surface there can be varying temperatures that will work based on how they allow the heat to transfer.


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