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ABS Separation

Currently have a 3d printer that suffers from my ABS prints (vases) separating while printing. I am considering buying a Leapfrog printer (creatr XL). Just wondering if anyone has a similar problem with the Leapfrog printers?

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You could have that issue with most printers especially with thin walls. It can be caused by a number of factors that mostly have to do with your slicer settings:

Try increasing the extruder temperature.

Try printing a little slower.

Try increasing the amount of extrusion.

Cool air getting to the print will cause shrinkage while printing. (Leapfrog has a printer called XEED that has a heated build chamber which would help that, but of course it is quite a bit more expensive.) You can try covering the printer to block any air getting to it.

You can also try using Kisslicer (the newest beta). It has an option to build a wall around your print which helps keep air from hitting the part.

I'm not trying to talk you out of a Creatr, just pointing out that like your current printer, the settings need to be right and that usually requires some experimenting to find what works for you. (Although the form factor of the Creatr, which is mostly enclosed already, makes it easier to cover.)


You did not talk me out of the Creatr :)

 I have heard that enclosing the printer would help. Just not sure how that would affect the printers electronics. Most of what am trying to do does have walls that are about 3mm thick, but they still split. I have also tried putting a wall around the parts which did help, but they split also, just not as bad.

Appreciate your input

I got my printer a little over a year ago (my first). I used primarily PLA at first because I had really poor results with ABS. I worked on it though and eventually it got better.

I've been using glue stick with the bed at 60C. (for both PLA and ABS) I've been running it extruding at a pretty high temp, 240C. I've been using some dirt cheap filament that I found on eBay and it seems to work very well. Even the Kissliscer wall that I mentioned, which is only a single layer thick sticks together really well.


Yes, I currently use a glue stick for ABS on a heated Boro glass, however I use PET plastic glued to Boro Glass with a heated bed and no adhesives for PLA. Bottom of prints are very smooth and only occasionally wipe the PET plastic down with Rubbing alcohol.

Not sure what is used on the Creatr bed, is it glass?

Yes the bed is borosilicate glass.

I have a friend who prints PLA right on the glass. Has to be perfectly clean to work.

We have a big Stratasys printer at work that prints on thick film. Probably PET also.

@Robert Eaton 

Hey, I'm not seeing the wall options in Kisslicer version 

Can I have some help please?

Sorry. It's in  the 1.5 beta version. You get download it from the forum here:


You need to get the beta version from their forum.


Got it, thanks. Will be trying it out now

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