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simplify3D functions


this might not be the right place to post but since simplify 3D is included in the package I will also put it here:

I am missing some features in the program, or maybe somebody can tell me how to do this:

- when using 2 extruders, only 1 makes a brim, I want to "purge" both extruders before printing, because if you start just like this the 2nd extruder will not print immediately when needed as is has retracted the filament and the nozzle is not primed. ( nozzle is "empty" and needs to extrude up to 30mm before something comes out)

I would like to see both nozzle do a brim or some kind of preextruding/priming of the 2nd nozzle before it starts printing/after switching the tool.

- when using 2 different materials ( ex: ABS and PVA) the extruder parameters should be different ( ooze control, retraction etc) but when using PVA as support material you can only set parameters for one material. I tried to use 2 settings but then it also prints the part 2x in the same place, maybe make a function to only make a raft with one setting and only print with a 2nd setting. 

- I find ABS does not stick to PVA ( or can someone tell me how to set this) is there a setting to slow down printing or make a layer reduction when the build material should print ontop of a support material? 


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 i would also like to see the cooling fan speed in the plot graph.

Full disclosure: I've never used separate support material myself. It looks like S3D is still catching up as far as multiple extruder features.

You might want to try the latest beta of Kisslicer. I own Simplify 3D too but keep going back to Kiss as my favorite.

The interface and preview are not as fancy but it works really well.

Anyway, it looks like there are several options that do what you want ( judging by the preview only):

Prime pillar - It builds a hollow single wall cylinder next to your part as tall as your part. Dual walls if you are using two extruders. Before each layer each extruder gets primed by building this pillar.

Wall - This is a skirt that is built to the full height of the part. Again, it look like it will use both extruders. (I use this for ABS. It seem to help reduce warping by blocking cool air.)

Short wall - Same as above, but the wall for the support material wall would stop building when there are no more support layers.

Unfortunately I believe multiple extruders requires a pro license, but it's cheap ($42). The free version would a least give you an idea. The beta is available here:

I would be willing to slice a sample file, but of course the settings probably wouldn't be correct.

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