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If I'm right, there's a customized octoprint running on the xeed, which works fine and is a great tool.

Now, what I'm missing, is the possibility to add a webcam at the frontdoor and view it over lillyprint like it is possible with the octoprint. So I can controll the print from my working desk.

Do you have a way to implement this?

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There's already a webcam function on Octopi, which is the RaspberryPi customized image distro.

If you go to the Octoprint webpage you have tutorials on how to enable webcam support in Octoprint, what tools to download and install. After that you should get a live webcam feed on the control tab, and you can set it to record timelapse recording on time interval or on z-axis change.

I'm not sure how all this applies to the Xeed version though.


It could use a few more LED also, maybe on the extruder to see the result better


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