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Problem, won't answer to commands from Repetier-Host

Hi! I have suddenly got the problem that the printer does not answer to commands from the Repetier-Host software. It is connected but still does not work. It seems that there are jobs waiting since it says "10 commands waiting" in the upper right corner in the manual control window. Maybe it would help if I could clear the cache in some way? Any other ideas? Regards, Anders

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Dear Anders S.

This issue is usually caused by a drivers error. Please check this solution to find out how to install them successfully. At the same time, the Repetier 0.95F version needs to be installed.


i know this is old, but i just had similar issue and wanted to post my solution for the next poor sucker. I have q3d one up printer that would connect to repieter host but not run the extruder or motors... Turns out the issue was in the physical wiring of power. Specifically the 2 red and 2 black (thick wires) had a bad connection and the board could not power the motors. redid the connections and i was good.
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