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My printer retract all the pla during print


when i'm printing 2 objects , my printer retracting all the filament from the extruder when starting the second object.

I'm using the last release of simplify 3D with the defaut Creatr PLA parameters .

the only GCode i'm changing is to extrude 8 before print to purge the nozzle instead of 3 .

Event if i'm not changing this, the issue still here .

please help me .

best regards


Maybe you could upload some pictures of what's going on. That might make it easier to determine the issue.

Best regards


Hello Alexandra.

Thanks you for your interest.

What sort of picture i can do ? the issue is simple. the motor of the extruder is pulling up the filament ( all the filament ) instead of pushing it down to the extruder .

this happen when i have more than 1 process in simplify 3D. when the printer is trying to start the next process .

I'm going to guess that your command to extrude 8mm of filament is incorrect.

If your gcode is set for absolute positioning (which you want) the slicer needs to know where the filament is at the time that you issue the command.

Here is a piece of gcode from S3D:

G1 X129.281 Y126.963 E1357.2066

G1 X129.049 Y126.03 E1357.2386

G1 X128.816 Y125.281 E1357.2647

G1 X128.564 Y124.603 E1357.2887

Notice the "E" distances. It's a running total length that starts at the beginning of the print.

Your command to extrude 8mm would need to start (in this example) at 1357.2887mm.

So if you were to issued a command to extrude 8mm at the place shown above, it's going to go backwards.

I'm sure there is a command to do this (that takes into account the current extrusion position). I don't know what it is. You'll have to ask at the S3D forum.


Oh, sorry, I think I got it the wrong way!

Try to use Repetier Host and Slic3r for a test print if it also happens there. This sounds very much like a slicing Problem, but I am not sure, since I dont't use Simplify3D.

It could also be that one of the cables is broken or wrongly connected.

I guess, in this case you should contact the Support for further help.

Or you could ask in the Topic "User" from Pedro. He is very helpful and really experienced with these Printers.

Sorry I could not be of more help!

Best Regards

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