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Heaters out of calibration?

I recently had some jams in one of my nozzles, which went away when I upped the temp a bit.  Same reel of filament, so the melting point shouldn't have changed, right?

I have yet to get the other extruder to work well for a long period of time.  It's been mentioned elsewhere that it helps to redo the autotune for the extruder heaters, to make sure they are using the full range of PWM and that it's related to the actual temps properly, that sort of thing.

Is there a recommended process for doing all this?

This thread should help:

You will need to get a copy of the factory firmware in order to easily change the settings. Submit a support ticket for that.

You should make sure that you just don't have a clogged nozzle.

I have on occasion had issues with the hot end itself jamming for no obvious reason. The filament has a hard time going through it even with the nozzle removed unless I increase the temperature quite a bit. The only fix so far has been to replace the hot end. The hot end has a small Teflon bushing in the center and I'm beginning to think those are getting damaged after a while. I took apart the last hot end that did this and found that bushing was damaged, but it could have happened when I removed it. I trimmed the bushing a little and put the hot end back together, but haven't tried it yet.


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