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Wiring harnesses and flex relief

Wires don't like sharp kinked flexing, it work hardens the copper and the wire breaks. Then your X axis doesn't home and you need to mess around with a support ticket and such like I'm doing. When the carriage moves and the harness for the X stepper and the limit switches flexes, it doesn't just bend on the long part you see, it also pushes on the wires where they connect to the switches themselves. This sharper bend breaks real easy, something I saw a lot working on jets in the Air Force. A bit of searching when the X axis quit working right showed I'm no t the first to have this problem, and I know I won't be the last if the design stays the same, and I understand earlier versions of the machine had problems with the harness for the extruder head doing the same sorts of things, which was why the wire ladder or whatever it's called was added. Really, the other harness should have had the same fix applied at the same time. The simpler solution is to just fasten the harness to the slide right there. This will keep the flexing as the carriage moves from translating to the weaker connections at the switches themselves. The better solution would be to set up a wire ladder for this harness as well--the most likely path is over the top of the carriage to bend around and connect to the front of the motor mounting plate or some such.

I fixed mine by extending the wires so that whole cable system loops from the top back left corner all the way to the "floor" of the machine and back up to the extruder carriage on the left side

Good that you fixed it, but it's a design flaw.  It shouldn't come that way, you shouldn't have to fix it.


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