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Repetier vs. Simplify3D

Has anyone used both of these packages with a dual extruder Creatr? Is the Simplify3D software worth the $140? Does it create better g-code for the perimeters and fills? Did your overall results/quality get any better? I would be curious to hear input from any users out there. 


Hi Sean

I use both Repetier and Simpify3D.   In general I think if you are printing objects that require raft's and support material then Simplfy3D is certainly worth it.   The support structures are created in a way that are very easy to remove.   In Repetier I find supports very difficult to remove.   It also does seem to slice better in general.   I also really like the live preview mode you get in simplify3d.

Hi Sean,

Simplyfy 3D is just Simply Better..

You get alot more options!

"Bed Leveling Wizard" 

It makes it possible to level your bed perfect within 2 min, all you have to do is click "next" a couple of times and it goes to another position so you can adjust it. 

Buy using multiple Processes  you can specify to each object a different "process" OR you can use different processes to for different height's to 1 or more objects

Printing different objects at the same time with different layer thickness/perimeters/top or bottom solid layers/ infill percentage. 

Example: when you want 1 object with layer thickness 0.1mm and another object with layer thickness of 0.2mm it will give the first object 2 layers and then 1 layer to the second object. 

it's possible to print 1 object at different height's with different settings.. such as more perimeters and more infill to add strenght or even different layer thickness.

And as Adam mentioned above, the Support feature is Great!
It is possible to use automatic support, or you can choose to put support where you think it is needed and manualy put it there.

maybe this can help you,

Hopefully this helped you to make you're decision easier.

Best regards,

Thanks for all your feedback. I took the plunge and bought the Simplify 3D software. Unfortunately, my printer decided to blow up on the first print I actually got running using it. So I am waiting for a new control board from Leapfrog support (who were very helpful). So once I get the new board in and machine up and running I will see what it really does. The interface looks really nice and other things are certainly an improvement. I want to see if I can insert in custom code (dwell function) on small perimeters so I will be working with it to see what can be customized soon. Hopefully...  


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