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Print two extruders

I had a problem. I do not know how to print two nozzles simultaneously. Do you detailed instructions on how to do this using Slic3r?

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for use PVA it's juste set option inside software, but for use tow color I never found how.

I haven't done it myself but the new version of Kisslicer (beta) does it.
You just need two or more STL files (they need to be positioned correctly as far as the origin in your CAD system. You can't move them yet in Kiss).
Then you open them all at once. You can assign a an extruder to each mesh.


(165 KB)

Is this what you're looking for?

in short: if you only want support to be a different nozzle you can edit the settings of a material. if you want 2 colors on the same object you need to create 2 separate 3D files ( 1 for each color) and place them together and choose 1 separate material settings.

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