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I've starting a print overnight.

This morning i'm discovering this Blob of PLA

what can i do to repair this ?

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I have used a lighter to melt all the PLA.

Wires are a little suffered but it's seems ok.

Now i can't manage the temperature of the extrudeur. It's always hotter and hotter, even i turn it off with simplify3D.

The only way to make it stop upping the temp is to turn off the printer with the physical power button is the back of the printer.

If i don't turn it off, the temp up higher than 350°C

What i must check please ?

looks like your extruder ended up with partial clog  resulting the filament curling back up on itself and forming the ball

Use some side cutters to break off as much of the plastic as possible and clean off as much of the plastic as possible..

it may just crack off the metal.  

Then heat up the extruder get the nozzle off and burn the nozzle clean with a torch or over a gas stove. the plastic will turn to ash and brush off.

Reassemble and everything should work fine again unless you have burned out the thermister  which could be why the hot end would not turn off, the board doesn't realize when it has reached the proper temperature.

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