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Forum unreadable in my browser


The forum is totally unreadable in my browser.

Is it supposed to look like the attached images ??



 Same here, looks kind of broken and nearly none of the older topics appear to be there.

The old stuff is all gone :(

The new format is even worse then the old one.

The index page has a hand full of entries spread over 14 pages!

The heading colors are still too light. I can't read them unless I tilt my monitor just right. Okay I get trying to use the Leapfrog "Visual Brand Language" in your forum but when it makes things difficult to use there is a problem. I'll take Google Groups any day over this.

The only positive I see is it looks like the search function works (but of course there is little to search for).

I really have a hard time seeing the text because it is so fine and the contrast is too low..  is both readable and searchable ;-)


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