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Turn OFF when finished


Is it possible to make the computer ( or the Gcode or anything ) to turn OFF the printer some minutes or seconds after a print is finished ?

It's could be an efficient energy saver .

It would be nice too to receive an email which say" your printer is now OFFbecause the job is finished "


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That would be a nice feature.

Unfortunately since the power supply is independent of the electronics, it will require additional hardware to turn off the supply. If you search on you can find some examples that have been made for other printers. Typically these work by adding a small switch that senses when the bed is lowered near the bottom of the printer (which can be added to the gcode). The small switch then controls an additional circuit that turns the power supply off. Of course you also need a way to bypass that circuit so that the power supply can then be turned back on.

Here is one example:

Hello Robert,

thanks for this video, it's interesting to see no one manufacturer have thinking about this .

So .. a switch in the bottom is a good idea :)

i was thinking of making something like this too.

i wanted to ad some extra things like a filament break detector and stopwatch to measure build time.

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