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What happened to the old forum and all the info that was in it?

It was deleted. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

We have switched to this new and more improved system that will allow us to help our customers faster and better.

That means, you deleted the complete knoledge base that helped us to make our Creatrs a real working machine?
What about all the tips and tricks to get ABS sticking, The advices to add a Cooler for the noozls and so on.
Without that the Creatr is just half of the value.
Very dissapointing. Without the infos of this  forum I would have send back my creatr after two weeks.
But maybe you didnt like the bad experience that where discussed here...


How that's disturbing !! where are all thoose jewels ?!

What is this advices to add a cooler for the nozzles ? i've my printer since some days and i need help to improve my knowledge on .

Looks like everything is gone.

There is another forum that has quote a bit of useful info:

Hi Guillaume,

Look at ther you'll find  3D  componeents to enhace the cooling!

Concerning the Forum:

It's a pitty because a forum could help you solve a lot probs from startup Leapfrog users and ther was a lot of information in the old forum. A well categorized forum could also mean that it could relief customer service which is positive for the reaction time and co-creation!.  The moderator is an improvement, but please make it as interactive a possible then you will have a lot of loyal customer  behind you supporting Leapfrog succes!

Nothing is lost with nternet now i think .. it's must be possible to the owner of the forum to find all the post ( in google cache or somewere ) and add them to the new forum not ?

Debaiting on buying the XEED...seems alot of problems with this brand. Can I get an honest recomendation on the quality of these machines ?

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