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Print tips for round objects

I want to print some round objects.

I enclosed an example object. Although I use support material, the object curls so it is pushed off from the bed.

I work with PLA, 190grdn nozzle / 60grdn bed

Lower temperature, it will not stick to the bed.

Does anyone have expertise in these kind of objects?

(64.2 KB)

I'm printing your object to see if I run into the same issue, My guess is your bed isn't high enough, your nozzle needs to be closer to the bed in order to stick.

You can also get rid of the paper

You can look at my videos to see how on You tube

This is your STL file, it printed correctly on my Leapfrog.

Just adjust your bed height.

PLA at 40 degrees heated bed

ABS at 90 degrees heated bed

(146 KB)

Another option would be to use a RAFT. Make sure you choose 100% infill for it.

I will try with 40 degrees. The nozzle is very close to the bed, I lift by -0.30mm up

I did try a RAFT, this should solve the problem. But the raft is ripped off by the print head, to close. I didn't try a raft with 100% infill.

when you do use a Raft please make sure the bed  is not very close.

I don't use rafts because it's a waste of filaments and they do lift up causing issues with the print. Just lowers your bed a slight lower and keep the heated bed at 40 degrees with PLA.

OK, I try to print the object with a raft, with one closed layer, this works.In otherwords, I can print the raft...

The object itself, is even curled off from the raft.

I tried this with a bed temperature of 40 degrees, this helps a little.

Notice, I'm using woodglue and water for the stickyness.

Using 40 degrees without a raft isn't working, the shaft is curled from the bed.

How solid should you make the object?

My results are shown in the photo, attached to this message.

So not succesfull unfortunately. Can someone send me a gcode or all setting for the Simply3D software? Then I can try this on my machine. Perhaps it's a simple setting I over looked...

Try this one. Is for PLA, right extruder. Make sure the bed is heated to 60 C before you start the print.


Your problem isn't The software, your problem is your using wood glue and water,  can I ask you who suggested you use wood glue and water, this will never work.

Go back to using the paper or use my new method, Aqua net hair spray.

I agree with Pedro on this one. A mixture from wood glue with water is much worse than a sticker. 

The T1-PLA_UP.gcode you provided did work nicely on the machine.

De big difference is the positioning of the object. vertical gives a good result.

Leapfroq it self (headquarters in Alphen) gave me the tip to use wood glue and water. I also have much better results with this mixture than the sticker. Hairspray makes the machine in time dirty.

Edwin I'm glad you got it resolved, happy printing. FTI, Hair spray does not dirty the plate, I've been using it for years. If you continue to use glue and water you will continue wasting filament and time. From the looks of your pictures you wasted a lot of time figuring it out, but that's the fun about these printers figuring them out to work correctly for you.
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